Flavors for liquor industry


Flavors for liquor industry
for Vinjak, Brandy, Rakija and other alcoholic drinks
Code:350.133 / Bonificateur for Vinjak and Brandy
Code:350.251 / Loza aroma
Code:350.257 / Apricot aroma
Code:350.267 / Plum aroma
Code:350.245 / Pear Viljamovka aroma
Code:350.248 / Muscat aroma
Code:350.249 / Riesling aroma
Code:350.258 / Vodka aroma
Code:350.138 / Oak extract
Code:350.125 / Prunes Extract
Code:350.123 / Extract of green walnuts
Code:350.247 / Quince aroma<
Code:350.252 / Apple aroma<
Code:350.212 / Honey aroma
Code:350.260 / Rum aroma
Code:350.231 / Lemon vodka aroma
Code:350.192 / Merlot aroma
Code:350.146 / Tamjanika aroma
Code:350.397 / Pear (for liquour)
Code:350.194 / Pear

Packing: bottle 0.5 and 1 liter